8d7ti yb397 thfzh s4iia ydns8 hk9ah z8ktr 2dtkd r6k2s yef6r hrtz8 s7ir7 yb58z hy357 6h4e7 f4arz r2b9i 9rei7 a6965 ydki8 fde8i 21M I am questioning the sexuality of my girlfriend. Shocked about coming across her search history |

21M I am questioning the sexuality of my girlfriend. Shocked about coming across her search history

2022.01.29 10:23 Wanderingdruid1 21M I am questioning the sexuality of my girlfriend. Shocked about coming across her search history

So basically I was going through her history and found a porn video of a video masturbating and also a search "lesbian movies".
I confronted her about it and she says it was only once and she regrets it. She said she never watched the porn video - by saying it was probably a popup,(which I highly doutbt because come on...its not a coincedence) but did indeed search for a move scene in which a woman masturates with a showerhead - and she admitted getting off to this. She justified it by saying she was aroused by the fact of doing so herself , and not the women on the scene. Which doesnt make any sense in my mind , unless someone could enlighten me about such a psychological phenomena in which straight girls can get turned on about the thought of doing the sexual act themselves, portrayed in erotic material...is this a thing? Is there a term for it?
She cried because I expressed anger and opposition...I was shocked. I was on the brink of ending the relationship but now I am conflicted. Its a 7 year relationship... She says she is attracted to me... Its so confusing Am I an idiot by not facing up to reality and the facts? Is she a latent homosexual? Is she bi? She denies it all and said she cant see her future without me...
Any insights will be appreciated...what an absurd situation!
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2022.01.29 10:23 JeLezen Diana Mains Please help.

I would like to know which challenger play rush and build Nashor Tooth as first item on Diana jungle? I have search youtube and didnt even seen the Pro plaeyr even building nashor tooth at all. Then i wonder why am i losing games 24/7 and yeah this palyer tried to gank bot laen twice and failed so ahrd meanwhielenemy jungler did 6 gank on bot at least. i think i need support to deal with these type of palyers because i get trigger so much by their lack of basic stuff in league of legend. i woudl like riot to make tutorial same as dota 2. hoepfully they will understand
View Poll
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2022.01.29 10:23 Sp0oM No hate tho

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2022.01.29 10:23 JeraldWarner66 Grateful Dead Rock Band

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2022.01.29 10:23 doanhieuhl Uk House & modern Piano House for a House Party

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2022.01.29 10:23 andoruB Zalatnay Sarolta - Ez Mindem (That's All) [Hungary, Soul / Funk / Rock] (1972)

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2022.01.29 10:23 RandomDcFan Does anyone know what happened to the suicide squad: psycho re cut

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2022.01.29 10:23 EZStreet06830 THE Numbers

When will the company report the official results for the past quarter? i'm anxious to see the numbers in the SEC filing.
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2022.01.29 10:23 vitotittotitto How to save the data frame from the function in .py script that runs in the docker container?

Guys, I am trying to understand one open-source library to modify some functions. At some point, it calculates some intermediate results (the name of the object is present in several .py scripts and I assume it's a dataframe from the df name ). (I want to check the format of these dataframes to use a different input than they do from this point on)
The whole thing is running in the Docker container.
So I tried to save the object to the folder on my computer with added lines to these .py files

and also tried
dataframe_name.to_csv('//home//username//library_name//results//dataf/test1.csv') and the same with \ \\ 
but the code won't export CSV files.
the example of the original function is
def calc_transcribe(video_uri, audio_file, out_loc, fl_name, r_config, deep_path, aud_dur): """ Preparing Formant freq matrix Args: audio_file: (.wav) parsed audio file; fl_name: input file name out_loc: (str) Output directory; r_config: raw variable config """ text = n_util.process_deepspeech(audio_file, deep_path) df_formant = pd.DataFrame([text], columns=[r_config.nlp_transcribe]) df_formant.replace('', np.nan, regex=True,inplace=True) df_formant[r_config.nlp_totalTime] = aud_dur df_formant[r_config.err_reason] = 'Pass' # will replace with threshold in future release df_formant['dbm_master_url'] = video_uri logger.info('Saving Output file {} '.format(out_loc)) ut.save_output(df_formant, out_loc, fl_name, formant_dir, csv_ext) 
in the initial sh script there are lines that start the container and specify output path id that the actual place where the container is?
docker create -ti --name dbm_container dbm bash docker cp $input_path dbm_container:/app/raw_data docker start dbm_container if [ -z "$dbm_new" ] then docker exec -it dbm_container /bin/bash -c "python3 -W ignore process_data.py --input_path /app/raw_data --output_path /app/output" else docker exec -it dbm_container /bin/bash -c "python3 -W ignore process_data.py --input_path /app/raw_data --output_path /app/output --dbm_group$dbm_new" fi docker cp dbm_container:/app/output $output_path docker stop dbm_container docker rm dbm_container
how I can save df_formant to any folder to check what it takes in?How to save the data frame from the function in .py script that runs in the docker container?
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2022.01.29 10:23 renbardela Como o havaiano atende o telefone?

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2022.01.29 10:23 toplad035 What's the stupid excuse you've heard monarchist use?

My favourite is when they day the BRF bring in money🙄 not only is that incorrect but that could be used to defend literally anything. Child labour, slavery, trafficking...
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2022.01.29 10:23 TheGamingRaptor1 he's back until beaver makes a reddit video.

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2022.01.29 10:23 il_filk what famous watercolor artists use in order not to cover with paint some areas?

it's some sort of gel they use... the watercolor doesn't get though it when you're done coloring you erase this gel with some sort of plastic stick and as a result you get some areas of white paper, with no stains or watercolor
I don't know how this gel and a stick are called :') but I really need them please help!!
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2022.01.29 10:23 Dontflickmytit Freighter as a mobile base of operations

If you construct a trade terminal in your freighter and warp to other systems does the trade terminals goods change to that system?
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2022.01.29 10:23 Low-Contact-2221 Pop Quiz (no wrong answers)

Do you think if 1 of them God forbid kills another of them that we are complicit for watching & commenting? I'm talking morally &/or legally complicit. Would it end up on Dr. Phil with 5 of us from "Reddit" being asked the tough ?'s. Like, why didn't you do something to stop it? Why didn't you alert authorities? How do you sleep at night knowing your remarks may have contributed to this madness? Why did you keep watching? Or am I overthinking it ha!
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2022.01.29 10:23 JonTheWick Heli kill into jet kill in tank, quick succession

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2022.01.29 10:23 sm222 I've somehow completely borked my networking

I've somehow completely borked my networking to the point where not even Linux VM's will get an IP anymore, the network is up and running just fine. I've also deleted + recreated.
I've tried purging virt-manager and all of its configs but what else would I have to purge to just start fresh past just re-installing my OS?
Here's my configs below, its worth noting I have wifi networking on the host.

And here is the actual network config:
 default 955c7c85-b6a7-470a-b5fd-bd70a62ef9df              
Here's the output of sudo virsh net-list --all
Name State Autostart Persistent ---------------------------------------------- default active yes yes 
Fairly sure I'm also in all the correct groups
wheel input kvm libvirt milnejam 
There's also some bridge settings that gnome network manager has seemed to apply but I didn't touch these
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2022.01.29 10:23 reps_up Intel Graphics pass Vulkan 1.3 conformance tests

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2022.01.29 10:23 UnstoppableForce01 Modern Idea for Publishing Online?

Hey! I don't know if this is the best place to ask this question, so if anyone has any groups or places I could post this instead, please let me know (I'm very new to reddit)!
(For reference, I write in the aesthetic of things like Welcome to Nightvale or Fallen London. Very ominous, random, dark humour and fantasy settings where I make up the rules.)
I've had this idea for a couple years now. I am a young writer, and despite knowing how important the internet and ebooks are these days to experience a range of audiences, I've always much preferred physical books. I know I could never abandon that aspect when publishing my first book, and I'm sure many people feel the same. So I started experimenting with the idea of an online platform I can use to promote my work, probably a website, linked in to social media posts etc, that could make the online world more lovable to me, and start an interesting take on online publishing.
What I mean really is having a space to tease my writing, have a behind the scenes snippets about characters and stories that wouldn't be found elsewhere, a community of people enjoying my writing and connecting with me and many others, or having access to more than just an ebook. It's ambitious, I know, but I'm nothing if not ambitious, and I'm keeping my opinions wide open on this one, knowing I'd have to build a fanbase way before any of this was doable. I've dabbled with the idea of having a membership behind a cheap paywall that people are happy to pay, releasing chapters at a time across weeks or months, attaching a store, making it more collaborative between writers and hosting competitions and writing discussions, but it's a very broad and complicated topic in the end.
Basically, I wanted to know people's opinions on this kind of idea. Also, any success stories on people who have personalised their online platforms would be great, or links to other people's successes! Nothing is set in stone and I'm very openminded.
Thanks! :)
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2022.01.29 10:23 House_On_Fire What should I expect if I quit cold turkey?

I know this is probably a stupid idea but I am one who often entertains stupid ideas. I'm a 36yo male. I'm on it as part of a bipolar treatment although I may not be truly bipolar, it's complex and I wont' get into all the details. I started at 150 milligrams back in June and currently I've been taking 300 milligrams in the morning along with oxcarbazepine which is effectively a downer at night. For some time this combination was amazing. I had energy, confidence, and emotional stability. Because of the oxcarbazepine I also had little to no anxiety. For whatever reason that has suddenly changed. As soon as I take my bupropion my chest fills with angry weasels. Now that things are starting to go sideways I'm considering trying to get myself back to vanilla me and then going from there. What do you all think? I know probably I'll get a lot of DON'T DO IT type responses, and that's fine. But I'm really interested in anyone who has actually gone though the process of getting off of it and what it was like for you. Thanks
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2022.01.29 10:23 SudamIsBack I'm confused why you "extract " ppx with lemon but then drink the whole thing anyways? Doesn't that mean you still drink the nasty stuff and not just the pp

Like instead of drinking ppx and shit you are drinking ppx and shit mixed with lemon?
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2022.01.29 10:23 Vegetable_Pudding760 Vic Berger IV’s Instagram profile post: “I too cry when speaking about fifteen minute blues-rock covers of Ghost Riders In The Sky.”

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2022.01.29 10:23 babunambootiti This floppy disk case

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2022.01.29 10:23 PhasmicPlays One is so fucking mad

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2022.01.29 10:23 stateofcookies where to purchase my fish...

So I'm about ready to put some fish in my tank, but I have a dilemma. There are two LFS's near me, but both are shady, and their animals are always in poor condition, probably worse than a chain store. I have a petco that seems to do a pretty decent job with their aquatics department. I could also drive 1 1/2 hours to a store I always heard good things about in the past (called "That fish place") , or I could maybe order online. Any thoughts? I'll be getting Cory cats and probably tetras (if that matters).
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