Are there any other 48G related groups?

Statistics of Claude Giroux, a hockey player from Hearst, ONT born Jan 12 1988 who was active from 2004 to 2022. There are 94 calories in 1 tablespoon of Peanut Butter. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Peanut Butter including 1 oz and 100 g. The Aberdeen 48 in. Vanity packs in plenty of style with storage to spare. Featuring a beautiful white European Carrara marble vanity top and backsplash and a white ceramic sink, this modern bathroom vanity provides a serene setting for your morning routine. 4 drawers and 2 shelves hidden behind doors store your accessories, toiletries and other bath essentials, making this bath vanity perfect ... Total Carbohydrate 48g: 17%: Dietary Fiber 1g: 4%: Total Sugars 3g: Protein 12g: Vitamin C 2mg: 8%: Calcium 225mg: 17%: Iron 4mg: 21%: Potassium 251mg: 5% *The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. Any tender steak cut can be use in place of tenderloin. I recommend hanger steaks or flap meat (sometimes labeled sirloin tip in the Northeast). If using an alternative steak cut, I advise cooked to medium rare instead of rare. Frozen pearl onions can be used in place of fresh, though fresh will have better flavor and texture. Peel pearl onions ... You can use any caramel syrup. Salted caramel syrup is a good choice if you want to skip the salt rim. The variety intended as an ice cream topping will be less runny than syrups used for flavoring coffee and a better choice for the garnish. A homemade caramel sauce gives you a little more control of the consistency. One mole of any element or chemical compound is always the same number. One mole of hydrogen would mean there are 6.022 × 10 23 atoms of hydrogen. Molarity is also considered molar concentration because it is the measure of a concentration of a solution. Molarity is the number of moles of solute per litre of solution.

2022.01.29 10:18 PirateToyhouse Are there any other 48G related groups?

The only groups i know are Last Idol, =LOVE, ≠ME, and Awa Koi. But is IZ*ONE related to 48G?
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2022.01.29 10:18 LongLiveJedrick Flag of the USSR, in Quezon City, Philippines

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2022.01.29 10:18 Slight_of_handio Anyone else finding old world blues very unstable right now? My game keeps CTD !

Hey, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? my owb keeps crashing to desktop every 5-20 mins. I haven't seen anyone else post about it so I assume its only me experiencing this? Not sure what I could do to fix it, I've reinstalled both hoi4 and owb to no avail, anyone have any suggestions?
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2022.01.29 10:18 cheryst Who is to be praise?

Is it celebrity?entertainer?Singeactor?Or engineer,inventor,one that makes world an easier place..
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2022.01.29 10:18 Icy_Sector5166 How much force is needed to break your eardrum with a qtip?

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2022.01.29 10:18 Hyosuke_ CORTEO A NAPOLI PER LORENZO! 28/01/2022

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2022.01.29 10:18 rezarNe QNAP QXG 10GbE - download errors

When I download files from the internet using this network card zip files are often corrupted, (most likely other files as well but they are not obvious). The file lengths are correct but there is typically one difference in the downloaded file (checked with a comparison tool).
When I use the build in NIC or another computer this doesn't happen, are there any settings I can change or a reccomended driver that might fix the issue (Windows 10/11)
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2022.01.29 10:18 Embarrassed-Pin-7978 OF Accounts

$ 100 account for 18 usd
info: it is an onlyfans account with the balance already added, it can be used to buy whatever you want within onlyfans.
payments: cryptocurrencies, paypal. (if you pay with cryptocurrencies you get a 10% discount)
warranty: 24h, if the account down before I will give you a replacement.
note: the account can be stay active between 3-7 days or more, that is decided onlyfans, I recommend saving the content you buy.
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2022.01.29 10:18 Sammy_Matsuda Conflict over feelings

I will have a tldr & keep things a little vauge just because i know he does go on reddit. A few years ago, not long enough after being dumped from a 2 year relationship (just not a good match relationship wise, very different love language and had issues we were both unwilling to change for the other), i matched on a dating app with this guy. I dont entirely remember his profile aside from remembering i found him attractive & thought him liking video games & anime conventions like me was cool & we started talking from there. Admittedly in the begining, he was interested in a relationship, but silly me at the time wasn't emotionally ready to be in a relationship, instead suggesting a fwb relationship instead. Since then, there have been a handful of times we remained only friends & not fwb, but have returned to fwb, tho only in messaging until recently. Through out he has been a lovely friend, and the like 2 or 3 times ive had some sort of sick/pain issue since I've known him, he's always been really sweet at asking if im doing better a few days later which has always brought me a smile. I have a lot of respect for him & the way he has handled things in the way he has between us & in other ways. Due to the pandemic & my extreme guards & the way i avoid meeting untill i really get to know someone better before hanging out in person, we only recently got to hang out together after having a really chance brief meet up being at a similair local event. Recently being able to hang out together for a period of time in person was a really pleasant time. I didnt get the same anxiety reaction I've had in past similair encounters. But honestly i haven't been with someone who was on such a similair wavelength in terms of innocent touch like cuddling up so close to each other, & him being sweet enough to give me a kiss on the forehead & holding my cheek with his hand when he kissed me at one point (things ive always wanted to experience in any previous relationship had, but unlucky for me it was like a unicorn, rare and generally never given.) I haven't slept yet and its waaay too early in the morning, but I'm just having a struggle of heart vs brain, because regardless of how us talking started, there has always been something ive felt towards him since the begining, and after all this time and having some quality time together, im realizing its something much more than i had initially realized, and i don't know how to proceed with expressing it, or if i should. Sorry for being vauge at times, i just feel as is, if he were to see this he could tell its about him so i dont want to be any more specific in some things.
Tldr; matched with a guy when i wasn't in the right emotional place to date, we have been friend for a few years now & recently been able to meet irl. I have feelings and worry i may have goofed a chance at a relationship & unsure if i should reveal feelings or see how things go with more time and wait till a later time to express my feelings?
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2022.01.29 10:18 GirasoleDE Dem Geheimnis auf der Spur: Pustelschweine an der Wand

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2022.01.29 10:18 Apprehensive_Corgi98 rainbow 6 siege

so I've been playin r6 on game pass pc but all of a sudden Ubisoft grays the game app on their launcher then i found that it unlinked my xbox account witch i relinked but the game in still grayed and i cant find it on the xbox app
any solutions
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2022.01.29 10:18 Queasy-Tour7362 Do you believe that NFTs will be the future of the hospitality industry?

My family and I have been running a family business for many years, we own several smaller hotels that have been in business for several decades. Because the pandemic had a negative impact on travel and the hotel sector at the time, my family and I wanted to learn more about the possibilities provided by NFTs and cryptocurrencies and how they could help us maintain our business.
My son-in-law has been trading NFTs for a few years now because he is a tremendous collector, and now that he has the ability to do so in digital form, he is quite interested in it.
Knowing that I was researching the crypto world with the intention of increasing the quality of my services, it occurred to him to search for platforms and NFT projects that had already entered the hospitality business.
He contacted a friend with whom he trades various works of art from their collections, a man who is much more familiar with NFTs than the two of us, and asked for help. He recommended a new NFT project called Last Hopium, which offers a variety of options, some of which are real-life benefit overnight in the most prestigious hotels such as Plaza, Hilton, Claridge's, and so on.
Following that conversation, we continued to research to see if there are any other NFT projects that provide similar services. We came across a large number of articles claiming that this year will be a turning point in our industry, with more and more NFT projects that include many benefits for hotel services. I'll be paying close attention to such news, and I'm sure that I'll benefit from it at some point.
I definitely intend to integrate it into my business since I believe that's the future. What are your opinions on that?
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2022.01.29 10:18 ridethesedragonballs have you guys watched this video
just curious to see ur guys thoughts
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2022.01.29 10:18 androidsmarttv 🔥UGOOS UT8 Android 11 TV Box with powerful Rockchip RK3568 SoC Unboxing (Video)

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2022.01.29 10:18 kayjay1993 This is real

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2022.01.29 10:18 AlirezaZamani 500 Alphas-Tileable Patterns-Vol2

500 Alphas-Tileable Patterns-Vol2 Click Here to Download this Asset
Click Here to Download this Asset
Hi everyone!
Here is a set of 500 Various 4k PNG Patterns.
You can bring more details to your work using these alphas. These alphas also work in any 3d software.
  • All Patterns are made procedurally ( not from images ) so don't worry about closeup Quality.
Package Contains:
3 .rar files :
  • 119 4k PNG Ancient Pattern
  • 168 PNG 4k Floral Pattern
  • 212 4k PNG Geometric Pattern
Hope you download it and enjoy it.
Here are some of our other products:
Knitted Fabric generator-SBS+Tutorial
20-Sleeves-Marvelous designer-Clo3d-OBJ
60 Stitches and Embroidery Textures-Vol2
50 Stitches and Embroidery Textures-Vol1
250 Alphas-Tileable Borders&Patterns-Vol5
Graffiti Alphas-PNG-Vol02
Graffiti Alphas
Halloween Alphas & Brushes + eps Files-Vol5
250 Alphas-Tileable Patterns-Vol3
500 Alphas-Tileable Patterns-Vol2
500 Alphas-Tileable Patterns-Vol4
500 Alphas-Tileable Patterns-Vol1
25 Fabric Materials-sbsar+20Basecolor Textures
50 Fabric Materials-sbsar-4k-custom colors-Vol3 50 Fabric Materials-sbsar-4k-custom colors-Vol3
50 Fabric Materials-sbsar-4k-custom colors-Vol2
100 Fabric materials-Vol-01
100 Metal Smart Materials
20 PBR Tire Material
Asian Temple Material Generators
Metal locker Material Generator
Environment Megapack
Wood Log Material Generator
6 Wood Material pack
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2022.01.29 10:18 Manga-love I din't want drawing my comic anymore but also I want end this comic and then I want start new comic, what I should do? Should I end it now or I should draw full and end?

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2022.01.29 10:18 Unknown_legend34 Strong words from Joe's Instagram, he's really gone far right, hasn't he

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2022.01.29 10:18 5minutesonly Why do people here hate Grab?

I see a lot of people on Singapore's side of Reddit complain about and bash Grab. The fees, the prices, their support team, etc. Some of it is deserved, but the other half doesn't make that much sense.
For example, I remember reading this post (found it) asking whether it's ethical for Grab to cancel his/her bubble tea order and then raise the delivery fee when they reorder. Isn't it obvious? It's because there was no driver found to deliver their bubble tea, so to incentivize drivers to deliver it or go to that area, the delivery fee is raised. If you think the delivery fee is too high, you don't need to order it. Grab didn't deliver the drinks and then increase the price halfway through the delivery. That would be unethical.
And then people complain about Grab's CEO buying a good class bungalow. Yes, that's a lot of money and most of us will probably never have enough money to buy one :( but why should we hate on him just because he has the money to buy one? There are so many more unscrupulous and unknown businessmen with GCBs. Hasn't Grab provided value to Singaporeans? Remember the days when street-hail taxis were hard to find? Or when you do find one of them and tell them where you want to go through their half-opened window, the driver then says "not going there" and drives off.
I don't see why people should hate on a company / founder unnecessarily. Sure hate on them if they do something unscrupulous or with bad faith, but to hate on someone else's success simply because they are (semi) successful accomplishes little. Or maybe that's just the anonymous internet where it's much easier to hate on others without showing your face.
Thanks for reading my semi-rant. Typed out a lot more than I thought I would. Feel free to share your thoughts below. Whether you hate Grab, like Grab, or you're somewhere inbetween. I'm not trying to rile anyone up with this question. Just genuinely curious.
TLDR: SG Reddit appears to have a habit of hating on Grab. Some complaints make sense. Some look like they just want to hate on Grab because they can or because they don't understand supply and demand. What are your thoughts? Agree, disagree, am I wrong?
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2022.01.29 10:18 FranceMemesBot Par epicmakak

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2022.01.29 10:18 ComfortableFoxy Injury balancing discussion

I tried to search on the subreddit for a discussion about injuries and I just wanted to see the general opinion on injuries. Personally I find injuries way too common even when Im not gegenpressing the whole season I never do unless for specific Times when Im chasing a result, Multiple seasons Ive had Times where I have a 24 player Squad and only 3 subs available during a season, while my tactic intensity is blue, also the trainings are never on double intensity and the training days I try to balance it to not get heavy, always a day rest after a game, and do plenty of rotation. Any tips u have ? Also whats your opinion on this ? Is getting a injury mod to reduce them a good idea ?
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2022.01.29 10:18 SL4MUEL Lafleur Coaching Tree

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2022.01.29 10:18 FractalRobot Drive sync task vs backup task?

Can you please explain to a tech illiterate idiot such as myself the difference between those two types of tasks?
Is it correct to say that
- sync task will copy the files that are in the designated folder(s) on your NAS, on your computer, and reversely
- backup task will only copy the files in the designated folder(s) on your computer, to your NAS?
Thank you
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2022.01.29 10:18 HenryRamirez_01 Demon Slayer

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2022.01.29 10:18 Manimal900 Pelt worth anything or charsi?

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