Enjoying A Book

2021.12.02 20:44 BDawgJackson Enjoying A Book

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2021.12.02 20:44 jlhollander [WTS] A little Gold and a little Silver to start to month off right

Just trying to clear out some things that don’t quite fit anymore. Don’t be afraid to make an offer if you feel the price is off, but the sale will go to the quickest, best offer tonight.
~ $600 ~ 10g Valcambi Gold Bar.
~ $600 ~ 1914 Gold Sovereign. Prices on this are all over the place so I just am putting it slightly over spot and would like to be rid of it.
~ $110 ~ 3x 2021 Philadelphia Morgan Dollar, price is per each.
~ $110 ~ 3x 2021 San Francisco Morgan Dollar, price is per each.
~ $95 ~ 1986 Silver Eagle Proof.
~ $45 ~ 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar in Cardboard, couple of spots on the back.
~ $40 ~ 1900 Barber Half Dollar.
~ $35 each or all for $325 ~ 10 mushy looking Morgan silver dollars.
~ $450 ~ Chinese Panda Silver Coins, price is for all 12, 2010-2021, I would prefer not to break them up.
Venmo or Zelle preferred for payment please, additional photos with different lighting/views are available upon request.
I’m open to hearing reasonable offers, and I will respond as quickly as possible to everyone in the order messages come in.
Shipping starts at $6 for USPS First Class and $10 for Priority, rates will increase depending on how much I can fit into a package, insurance, etc.. I’ll tape and pack everything pretty tightly to insure it arrives safely to you.
All purchases made will ship out the following morning, tracking will be provided.
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2021.12.02 20:44 zelda_artist let me know what i should do!

so if you haven’t seen my recent post on people asking about crush, some people have said it’s adorable- and i do want to move forward with our relationship- so vote on how i should tell him i like him formally, or figure out if he likes me back? sorry for the excess choices, i like to be direct with votes! ;
View Poll
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2021.12.02 20:44 goosehonktoken GooseHonk (GOHO) [$400k market cap] [10 days old] Cant Noose the Goose, NFTs on the roadmap, Top Tier meme potential, deflationary, just trend reversed ready to moon

GooseHonk (GOHO) [$400k market cap] [10 days old] The Goose is Loose, Top Tier meme potential, deflationary SafeMoon clone
A new challenger rises in the meme coin landscape. Capitalizing on success of dog coins it's time to give other animals a chance.
Enter the Goose! A hilarious rascal of a bird, filled with meme potential. Check out the TG and get involved.
CG/CMC listing soon.
📜 Contract: 0x0712bc03807EBacC3a457a7149E7Ab3bCD2e8009
👨‍💻 Owner: *RENOUNCED*
💧 Liquidity: 5% in pancake.
👥 Holders: 435 fair distribution, whale free
💲 MCap: $400k
💰 Liquidity: 50 BNB
🔖 Tokenomics: Fee: 10%, 5% to liquidity, 5% to holders - 80% is burned so in effect 4% gets burned, deflationary mechanics - buy, hold, shill, get rich
Telegram: GooseHonk
Website GooseHonk Org
Contract is now verified on BscScan: https://bscscan.com/address/0x0712bc03807EBacC3a457a7149E7Ab3bCD2e8009#code
LP tokens burned: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xd6de444d846b18db1f00c568489558bb70b22e0511206f6896b911643341e2e2
Ownership renounced: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x9272c7b4b6a1eaa25f092b565f5d9c79a5691ea1da431b2c340911876283b015
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2021.12.02 20:44 LeomaBuckner MoonWalkCoin [70k market cap] [30 days old] 💎 AMA this weekend Low MC 🔒Renounced Ownership 🔒 Locked Liquidity 🛡️ Tech Rate Audit 👌

There is this project MoonWalkCoin that was made on "Polish reddit" - wykop. Guys were silent for 2 weeks and now they made a full on keynote and announced the utility. Their token value is jumping 100% day by day now. They call the thing MWCtips and the elevator pitch is that "It is platform that allows to send crypto via any social media". They are actual software developers and looks like they have serious approach
MoonWalkCoin (MWC) is a 100% rug-proof, ownership renounced and community-driven project on the Binance Smart Chain.
By buying and HODLing MWC in your crypto wallet you are representing your belief in the future of alternative currencies and decentralised apps.
Our coin was founded on the very start of November’s new moon phase, when the moon was lit up at 1% of its area. As its name and logo aspires to lunar ideals, we know this is not a coincidence. That’s why we decided to follow that lunar leadership in pacing our efforts.
On November 19th, a day marked with Full Moon we revealed our road map On www.moonwalkcoinmwc.com
We have an incredibly dedicated community, who all bring a multitude of skills to the table.
With the help of our users, not just the sky – but rather the galaxy – is the limit
* Tax 10% - 7% LP, 2% for Holders, 1% for Binance Charity
* Renounced ownership
* LP locked until year 2100 - everything is honest and open on their website, they are open with audits etc.
* Devs available on telegram and twitter
* Plans announced for 2 months - they want to release a mobile app that will integrate with all social media.
MoonWalkCoin on telegram
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2021.12.02 20:44 lemurrogue Tifa Lockhart by Mignon Zakuga

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2021.12.02 20:44 SisSandSisF Crazy to think how many beautiful songs will never be created because those sperms never made it.

Just imagine if Jimi Hendrix sperm didn't make it. His music just wouldn't exist.
Then imagine how many sperms never made it.
That's how many amazing songs are lost in time.
Then imagine rolling the dice of time. Hitler's sperm doesn't make it. There's no Jesus. All different famous people. Completely different world and inventions. Although I'm sure some would be the same, just different styles.
The beautiful chaos we live in.
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2021.12.02 20:44 Prestigious-Mixture4 Knockout City Highlights - Striving To Get Better

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2021.12.02 20:44 SlowAd3172 https://telegr.im/joinchat/ZFRnItoS3MdjM2Vh

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2021.12.02 20:44 meenmachimanja Calm down

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2021.12.02 20:44 gabbysaid- Nervous - need words of encouragement

Hey everyone! I am on day 2 of my pre-op liquid diet and I am starting to freak out because everything is finally feeling real!! My surgery is on Dec 15th. I am starting to second guess myself because of nerves I’m assuming. I am 24, 5’2, lower BMI of 40.3, and I am tremendously worried about loose skin. I lotion every other night and try to hit my water goals daily. Do you think it is possible I will not have a ton? What did everyone do to prevent this? Did strength/weights help post op?
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2021.12.02 20:44 anangram eve hırsız girse

eve şöyle 50 60 kilo bi horsız girse o surada uyumuyo olsam ve bunı farketmese savunmasız anında üstüne atlasam bağıra bağıra anasına avradına küfretsem elim de boş durmayıp ağzını burnunu feil de şimdi kan akmasın evimize kaburgasını sırtını bi güzel kırsam sonra evdekiler gelse polis çağıraa falan neyse şöyle sinir stres kalmazdı da küçük kardeşime anama travma olur şimdi gelmesin piç hırsız kapı da kitli zaten.
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2021.12.02 20:44 swagsterdoge Server is unreachable, please for the love of god help me

I’ve tried everything bros, updating windows, updating network drivers, rebooting the router, verifying game files, reinstalling DayZ.
I can get into other servers except the one i spent the last two weeks on, just got earlier DC’ed and now theres no getting back in..
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2021.12.02 20:44 Aligson LF: Modest Magnemite 5IV - FT: HA Female Gible 5IV Egg move = Outrage + Iron Head

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2021.12.02 20:44 bmanrcol What did Covid give you an excuse to do?

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2021.12.02 20:44 actuallyhim Someone decided to buy after hours

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2021.12.02 20:44 AMPERSANDBOI Not a rig but i though yall might enjoy these dabbers i made with 710 Swords last month. New to the sub so if this isnt right fir the sub just lmk ill taje it down :)

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2021.12.02 20:44 laxen75 I have the second new years cake ever created!

I have the second new years cake ever created! So apparently i have the second ever new years cake created, so i was wondering if anyone knows who has the first.

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2021.12.02 20:44 FeedbackDependent450 Just got my pint today and kept getting this notification on my first couple rides. It’s also having trouble balancing due to not recognizing my foot pressure (I believe). Is this common? Or is there a certain way to stand on it? Thank you :)

Just got my pint today and kept getting this notification on my first couple rides. It’s also having trouble balancing due to not recognizing my foot pressure (I believe). Is this common? Or is there a certain way to stand on it? Thank you :) submitted by FeedbackDependent450 to onewheel [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 20:44 BigBoy412 What happened after A Fever You Can't Sweat Out?

I don't really know too much about the group, and this is one of my favorite albums I've ever listened to. How come none of their other music sounds like this? I really want to enjoy their other music but I just can't. Did something happen?
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2021.12.02 20:44 Suuspaustainis Love this project my first NFT ! FloorNFT!

Love this project my first NFT ! FloorNFT! NFT Great community with fantastic roadmap!
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2021.12.02 20:44 Greensky7 FFIX - Existential Crisis ~ Relic Draw Megathread

Featuring dyads for Vivi, Steiner, and Kuja plus syncs for Eiko, Steiner, Beatrix, and Vivi.
Starts at 5:00 PM 12/2 PST
Banner ends at 4:59 PM 12/19 PST
General Info
It is most appreciated if you can post a picture along with your comment as well so that we can share your feelings much better. It will also make the post much more interesting.
This thread will be defaulted to sort by new posts. This is to avoid drowning newer posts due to the sheer amount of posting that will be made on this thread. Of course, you can always change it to sort by best and see some of the more interesting pulls. The sorting method is located above the comment box.
I'd like to put out a reminder to not share rage quit posts or stories related to relic pulls as separate posts on the sub - please post them here, or they will be removed.
Good luck, and may RNGesus have mercy on your pulls!!
Relic Discussion by Sandslice
Visual Relic List by taandum
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2021.12.02 20:44 nonamehawks Price check

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2021.12.02 20:44 EchoGecko795 [Amazon - Accessories] $27.99, 25" 16/3 4 Grounded Outlets Extension cord with 13 Amp breaker and On/Off switch, Hand Wind Retractable

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2021.12.02 20:44 BelgianTurk2003 It feels like the parties are constantly running for elections.

But the question is who will get your vote in 2024?
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