884hy 36fri ab8z2 rns6r h6kz5 bt35a 73928 tk545 b569n tn4af fhbt7 6yryn rsbrd a9s53 h6sd5 72f22 r68sk 6k8h8 k3nrd trb9h 4hbhk V35 does not have universal cloud saves unless I’m missing something? |

V35 does not have universal cloud saves unless I’m missing something?

2021.12.02 20:54 lending_ear V35 does not have universal cloud saves unless I’m missing something?

I updated to v35. Release notes said universal cloud saves was coming and devs would be automatically signed up unless they opt out.
Now, yes, devs can opt out but I don’t see the majority doing that. So I opened all my games and played a bit with ones I wanted to save.
I don’t waited a few hours and deleted one - reinstalled - and no saved data.
So I figured oh - maybe they opted out.
Then another - nope. No saved data
Am I missing something? Why did it not save. They really haven’t made it obvious as to how this works. I thought it would be potato simple but apparently not.
I also don’t see how to turn it off - as it said there would be an option under settings - system (which I don’t have) - cloud backup
Is this one of those features where not everyone who downloads and gets v35 gets this feature?
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2021.12.02 20:54 eftalanquest29 Wasserturm Süd. Halle (Saale), Germany

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2021.12.02 20:54 A-Happy-Rbmk-Pbmk Smolensk npp in minecraft (25 %) of the progress

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2021.12.02 20:54 TweetArchiveBot Sihle Ngobese RT from Super-Immunity-Pilled💔: @JustXavierB @BigDaddyLiberty South Africans need to learn how to start providing for themselves. Grow food , learn to make bread. Fish , cool , hunt. Network with people who can do this and teach you skills that can save your life. Get a armed phy...

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2021.12.02 20:54 sugarbabyy1345 looking for a daddy to spoil me

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2021.12.02 20:54 PieceGroundbreaking7 Should I stop searching?

Hello there, I'm (M21) and lately a lot is happening in my life. I suffered from severe depression, went into a psychiatry for 6 weeks because I was suicidal and in week 3 my girlfriend broke up with me, we were together for 4 years. Everything broke together and I was a mess.
It took some time but I’m doing better, I saw that she has a new boyfriend (only a month after the breakup) and that threw me back for some time but now I feel quite good.
I went back to my passions, I hit the gym 4 times a week and the most important part is that I feel alright on my own.
Beneath all that I suffer from HPPD due to drug abuse in my younger years and it makes every single day a challenge but in general I think it all makes me stronger. The other thing is that my grandpa has dementia and I care for him a lot, I lost my grandma shortly before my 18th birthday, we had a very close bond. I visit my grandpa 3 times a week and I love doing that, but somehow it’s all very much for me at this point.
I have to do my computer science degree which comes on top. And everynight I’m awake thinking about everything.
I feel lonely as fuck and I would love to have a partner but I don’t know how to find someone, I tried dating apps but I hate taking pictures of myself even though I don’t look too bad (i think) I hope that doesn’t sounds conceited. Sometimes I think I should stop searching and let life match me up by it’s own.
Im just kinda desperate I guess. Thanks for reading 🖤
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2021.12.02 20:53 BrighterGreen Controversial plan for Oregon natural gas terminal abandoned

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2021.12.02 20:53 Looselipssinkships93 TU-134UBL Crusty B, a modified jetliner fitted with the nose cone of a TU-160 Blackjack, used for training crews to fly the Blackjack, now solely used for transportation [album]

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2021.12.02 20:53 GuerrillaTradio Ohio couple finds out

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2021.12.02 20:53 S_O_R_Y-SAGGERZ Matt, with all due respect....

Quit being a little bitch and handle your business like any man with respect for himself and family would. There is a sperg out there who day-in and day-out makes fun of you and your family online, who accuses you of being a rapist and an abuser, who doxes your family in some kind of way, and who encourages others to harass you, all without any repercussion from YOU or anyone else.
There is a very very disturbing video that was posted in this sub a few days ago where the sperg said she wants to KILL you. That she has to do it. That she is only happy when she thinks of killing you. That she hasnt done it YET is because she would never see Molly again.
What the fuck are you waiting for? What other signals, or warnings do you need to take action?
We cant do shit. We have all tried. Our words mean nothing. Your words and actions hold way more weight and you are not doing shit about it.
That local cop you spoke too that doesn't want to do anything about your claims? Fuck him or her, go talk to another one. Same response there? Fuck them too. Talk to a Detective then, or go to another Precinct, etc.
There are so many resources out there that could help you. So either you don't care, are too lazy, or you are a bitch with no dignity.
Have you contacted YouTube yet? I guarantee you that if you spoke, or better yet wrote their legal department, that her accounts would be terminated. There is an infinite amount of evidence of illegal things she has done on stream related to you and to others who are affiliated with you. The video where she says that she wants to kill you is more than enough to get her channels terminated.
She is getting worse by the day. She wants to kill you. She said that with her own words. Time is running out. What are you waiting for?
Grow some balls and take action for fucks sake.
Terminations and Suspensions by YouTube
YouTube reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Google account or your access to all or part of the Service if (a) you materially or repeatedly breach this Agreement; (b) we are required to do so to comply with a legal requirement or a court order; or (c) we reasonably believe that there has been conduct that creates (or could create) liability or harm to any user, other third party, YouTube or our Affiliates.
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2021.12.02 20:53 fixationed The Perfect Christmas really is the perfect Christmas candle

I got this with the Christmas gift pack thing that was $40. I actually loved everything that came in it. Especially the 3 wick The Perfect Christmas candle, it smells like sweet pine trees or something.
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2021.12.02 20:53 _Mate05 Para el día de hoy traigo como provincia N°11 de la serie de estereotipos de provincias a Saint Louis!11!!1. No se me ocurrió absolutamente nada más que sea gracioso. Pero, para aportar, tiene 427 años(?

Para el día de hoy traigo como provincia N°11 de la serie de estereotipos de provincias a Saint Louis!11!!1. No se me ocurrió absolutamente nada más que sea gracioso. Pero, para aportar, tiene 427 años(? submitted by _Mate05 to argentina [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 20:53 TheBigTIcket9 The Push for Equity in Education Hurts Vulnerable Children the Most: “An Asian student with a 25 percent chance of admission to Harvard would have their chances of admission increase to 36 percent if they were white, 75 percent if they were Hispanic, and 95 percent if they were black.”

The Push for Equity in Education Hurts Vulnerable Children the Most: “An Asian student with a 25 percent chance of admission to Harvard would have their chances of admission increase to 36 percent if they were white, 75 percent if they were Hispanic, and 95 percent if they were black.” submitted by TheBigTIcket9 to highereducation [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 20:53 Kindlypatrick What is a "red flag" that someone is a grifter?

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2021.12.02 20:53 RelaxNatureSounds Best UK Money Making Apps That Pay – 10 Best Paid Surveys UK (Highest UK Paid Survey Sites)

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2021.12.02 20:53 ABUTTERYNOODLE Favorite song you’ve discovered?

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2021.12.02 20:53 ZoobBot 189933

This is the 189933rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.02 20:53 TheBthonk What is your least favourite popular Weezer song?

if i see beverly hills im replying the phrase "wow, really cool!"
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2021.12.02 20:53 demonic-lust Spinal Cord Sarcoma

Has anyone here survived chondrosarcoma of the spinal cord without resection? The location makes the tumor inoperable. I just had a radical hysterectomy to remove metastasis. I’m starting to think there really isn’t any hope. They’ve been clear it’s resistant to chemo but have me on gleevec following the hysterectomy. I’m scared and really just want something to give me some hope.
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2021.12.02 20:53 badzt Am I really always wrong?

I’m f, my partner m (older) met at work and we got along really well. We’ve been together for almost 5 months and recently always getting into fights. Sometimes it’s because I’ve made a little mistake at work, sometimes it’s because I didn’t make a decision right on the spot, most recently it’s because my friend asked to meet so they could off a gift to me. Every fight has started because he gets upset that he would take the fall at work (when we are virtually equals), that I confused him because I didn’t decide right away, or because it sounds like I didn’t want him to meet my friends.
I am stubborn but I do always come around to apologize even if it is my fault. But during the arguments themselves I never get any pushback or give to share my side without being lectured. I never get to say or complain about things he does or doesn’t do because he always fights back and says that he’s doing things for a reason. Most of the time it always feels like I’m the one messing up and that everything is falling apart because of me.
I’ve tried to pick up other hobbies in life to keep myself fulfilled because he said I seemed to be lacking, and that work and himself shouldn’t be the only thing in my life. I agreed. I try to be more communicative with him as it was a personal hurdle. I try to be more assertive with things I’ve wanted like hes suggested.
But it feels like things I ask of him aren’t being fulfilled either. Whenever I bring it up he always says “I’m talking about A and B, but now you’re talking about B and C” and never seems to acknowledges how I feel or even lets me finish talking to where I can connect my complaints.
Is there anything that I could do to approach him and get my side across without having to cry and defend myself?
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2021.12.02 20:53 dzedzi Berghius is gonna be 86 next week , whit Ajax 5th win today , maybe this will be his card

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2021.12.02 20:53 SS117_ What are the best S&S ISA’s to be looking into?

I currently have a workplace pension, a S&S LISA, and invested into some stocks at my workplace.
However, I want to also invest my money into a S&S ISA and would like any recommendations if anyone has any? I’m not very well versed with S&S ISAs so any advice is appreciated. With my LISA I used MoneyBox and they pretty much took care of everything and I just have to put money in.
I was wondering is it also possible to open up a S&S ISA account and put in money every month? I think this is called drip feeding or is it only a one-time lump sum you can put in?
Are there also any other avenues of investing my money besides those I have mentioned?
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2021.12.02 20:53 Quirky_Committee_499 [FREE] Playboi Carti x Pierre Bourne Type Beat 2021 (prod. Chris Yoppa)

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2021.12.02 20:53 franklinslamo Every time I watch the last episode I think they could pick it right back up from there. It wouldn’t need to be the same actors as long as they are decent. The story is so cool and the foundation has been laid. I wonder why nobody has picked it up.

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2021.12.02 20:53 djl-pyth-77 Anyone need a Noctua NH-D15 LGA 1700 mount kit?

Noctua sent me a mount kit for the LGA 1700 before I realized one was already in the box. Noctua won’t take it back. If anyone needs it DM me. You will need to pay for shipping.
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